Guitar Strumming for Easy Guitar Songs

The thing with strumming is that you need to be very relaxed.

Your strumming hand needs to be quite ‘loose’, free, and relaxed.

So, I’ll be making a couple of videos and a strumming chart (PDF) that you can use to practice your strumming. This will help prepare you for the different strum patterns for the easy guitar songs videos coming up.

Easy Guitar Songs Strumming Patterns

So here’s what is coming up…

  • We’ll start with very simple down strumming while learning to keep good time. At slow and fast tempos.
  • It’s also important that you get a good ‘feel’ for keeping time. And you’ll need a metronome for that.
  • Then we’ll look at changing chords while keeping the rhythm going.
  • Often, some chords are played with only some strings. So we’ll also look at how to avoid hitting those other strings and all the associated unwanted noises. :)
  • Then we’ll look at down and up strumming and the variations. The PDF strumming pattern chart will help you design your own patterns so you can practice switching between them. All while changing chords and not losing the beat.
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See ya soon…


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