01: Beginner Strumming

Basic Beginner Strumming Technique

Here we’ll look at how to build a good basic strumming technique for strumming along with the easy guitar songs lessons.

This first video starts from the beginning and shows how to develop a nice, relaxed strumming style.

The key to strumming is relaxation.

Keep your strumming hand and arm relaxed. Try to avoid any tension in your body, especially from your shoulders and down your arms and fingers.

Beginner Tips

  • Never be discouraged. It takes time for your muscles and nerve-endings to get used to what you are asking them to do.
  • Just take your time and do a few minutes every day. Or, even better, do several sessions every day. Just a few minutes here and there.
  • Just get used to holding the pick and strumming simply. No chords. just get a good ‘feel’ happening. You’ll know when it’s coming together for you.

In the next few videos we’ll look at how to play in time using a metronome, and how to get over the problems of changing chords smoothly while keeping time.

Then we’ll progress to looking at different strumming patterns.

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